GoDarting is a darts game in which the player has to hit the dart as close to the middle of dartboard as possible. At each level you will get three attempts to surpass the minimum score for that round. There are different kinds of difficulties as you move up the level ladder. Players can submit their scores online and a list of top 20 players is displayed on the game screen. In the new version ( v 3.0 ), you can also select any custom image from your PC as your target.

GoDarting Image


Features :

1. Choice of a target person to hit the darts. You can also select an image from your local PC and crop it to make it the dartboard target.

2. Login to compete among the players across the world.

3. Submit your high scores.

4. Varied kinds of difficulty across levels.


About the developer :

Hi, I am Harsh Maurya from India. I like programming and cricket. I am currently learning C# .Net. Since I generally like to implement what I learn using fun programs, hence you got this funny little game. If you wish to contact me for whatever reasons, drop me a mail at harshspiderwebbond@gmail.com

Disclaimer : I developed this program just for learning purpose, and I take no responsibility of any kind regarding any damage, unfair usage, or any other legal issue which may occur.

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